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School Fundraising

School fundraising with a dedicated games kit benefits the school, pupil and parent in so many ways. From primary school PE Kits to the latest technically advanced fabrics, we have the latest designs in sportswear apparel for your school or sports club.

You can therefore rest assured that with our colour and size range, we will have the right design for you. Furthermore, we are confident that with our children and adult size range no child will miss out.

School Fundraising and Partnerships

School fundraising for primary schools and secondary schools, along with sports clubs, has always been a challenge. And, when looking for new and alternative methods to ensure your income stream does not dry up, it can be very time consuming.  We recognise resources are limited and that's why iOS supports schools and clubs with our on-going services throughout the year. Working closely with you to ensure that together we maintain that revenue stream, year on year.

Alternative Income

Your alternative income source is generated by you having your sportswear designed for your school or club.  Flexibility with our designs allows you choose branded or unbranded kits. With the added benefit of working with the well trusted and recognised FALCON sportswear brand, specifically created for schools and sports clubs, this has to be a win-win for the school or club.


Different schools operate with different sportswear policies and we respect that.  That's why we aim to work with you to ensure that you get the best kit design that complements both your current image and policy.

School Fundraising with Quality Sportswear

 Advanced Quality Fabrics

Our designs extend to include recycled fabrics to provide you with a range of quality and durable fabrics. These quality materials are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of youngsters in P.E. or on the sports field. Combining these two facts our customers are guaranteed quality and peace of mind.

Peace of mind comes when working with market leading brands like FALCON Sportswear. With a proven history of over 45 years sportswear manufacturing expertise we are not surprised that Falcon school sportswear is such a winner.

Type-R Technology

Falcon's technical fabrics provide moisture management for comfort, UPF protection from harmful sun rays and durable fabrics.  They are specifically designed for schools and clubs. Both our partners and youngsters can take comfort in the knowledge that they are in safe hands.

Team Spirit

Build team spirit and confidence with Falcon's colourful sportswear.  Be ready, take your team to the next level.

 Marketing Support for our Partners

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Marketing Support 

Promoting your school’s or club’s sportswear to your targeted audience is a key element of your communications mix. Our support services will include a dedicated webpage to showcase your unique sportswear range.


In addition, let us help you with a splash of colour in your reception areas. We now supply various posters in digital format to illustrate your games kit, helping to support our partners with advertising on your website and throughout your premises.

We are an official stockist and 100% committed to the Falcon brands, including, EncoRe, Spirit, Falcon Primary, FUSION, SUBLIM8 and Activ+, a recycled material that is gentle on the environment.

School Fundraising with Sportswear

For a friendly chat about your school's sportswear just give us a ring or email us and we'll get in touch.